The name is a little off. It’s not just a pile of shells…’s quite a few piles of shells. John actually stopped inside the State Police barracks in Bivalve to ask for directions to the Pile. Supposedly the cop laughed at him, then gave him the directions. I guess people asking state troopers for directions to piles of shells is funny, I dunno.
The piles are huge. I’m sorry I got out of the car too; the stench at Shellpile must be one of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced. I made John stand in front of one of the smaller hills to get a picture with some scale.

There’s actually a road that runs through the middle of the piles. There were also a few tractors and bulldozers at the site too.

Overall, the place isn’t that exciting, just big mountains of shells. But it was only about 20 minutes from Seabreeze, and we were in the area, so hey.

Author: Stu

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