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Windmill House

This house can be found along Rt. 72. Most people agree it’s around 100 years old. It also has a double outhouse behind it. I… read more Windmill House

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Lucy the Elephant

Most people look at you funny if you tell them there’s a 6 story elephant near Atlantic City. Lucy was built in 1881 to attract… read more Lucy the Elephant

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Double Trouble

Not much to say about this one. I came here originally to get some better pics of the Crabbe Cemetery, but I figured since Allaire,… read more Double Trouble

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Allaire Village

Allaire was the home of Howell Ironworks from the early to mid 1800’s. Once it was realized coal from Pennsylvania was more practical than bog… read more Allaire Village

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Whitesbog Village

Whitesbog was founded around 1870 and produced a blueberries & cranberries well into the 20th century. The town is surprisingly well-preserved. The general store even… read more Whitesbog Village

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In Wharton State Forest is another restored town, Batsto. Batsto was a bog iron & glassmaking town from the 1760’s to the 1860’s. There are… read more Batsto

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Palace Depression

For those of you who don’t already know what the Palace Depression is, Roadside America has some nice writeups. I heard about the reconstruction of… read more Palace Depression

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Old Burying Point Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Salem, Burying Point has at least 1 Mayflower passenger and many people involved in the Salem Witch trials. Many of the… read more Old Burying Point Cemetery