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Holy Land

This place is in shambles. Nature has reclaimed much of Holy Land, which was first put together in the early 50’s. To describe what exactly… read more Holy Land

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Saint Padre Pio Shrine

I am not a religious person, and I know very little about St. Padre Pio, but I found this place fascinating…I’ve never seen anything like… read more Saint Padre Pio Shrine

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The Innocents’ Cemetery

We found this one on the way back from Fort Mott & Finns Point, right next to a church. I must say, I’ve never seen… read more The Innocents’ Cemetery

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Jenkins Church – NJ’s Smallest Church

According to New Jersey Curiosities, Jenkins Chapel, with room for only 28, is the smallest church in NJ. I wasn’t really impressed; it doesn’t really… read more Jenkins Church – NJ’s Smallest Church

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Route 30 Pyramid

First visited 12/02 Page redone 3/05 Along Rt. 30 one can find what was once the Temple of Hope and Knowledge, which was some sort… read more Route 30 Pyramid

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Monk’s Caves

10/02 & 12/02 12/16/05 – I never, ever edit my old photos. This was an exception – the only one so far. This was such… read more Monk’s Caves

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Birdsville Church

I have not taken any photos of the church since 2002 but have checked up on it a few times. It seems the current owner… read more Birdsville Church