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Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock, one of the oldest tourist attractions in the US, is just that – a rock.  Said to be where the Pilgrims first set… read more Plymouth Rock

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Rock Garden of America

My mom moved to North Carolina a few years ago, and during my drive down to Ocean Isle Beach for vacation I decided to visit… read more Rock Garden of America

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Touro Park “Viking Tower”

I had been meaning to get to this one for a number of years, but it was usually out of the way.  Since we were… read more Touro Park “Viking Tower”

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Desert of Maine

A desert in Maine is just about as out of place as a palace in West Virginia. The Desert of Maine technically isn’t a true… read more Desert of Maine

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Freeport’s Big Indian

Normally, I don’t bother with big roadside things. Coming from South Jersey, I’ve seen plenty of them and never saw the big deal. I mean,… read more Freeport’s Big Indian

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How do you make a map store fun? With the world’s largest globe (Guinness world record holder since ’99), that’s how. Added bonus – it… read more Eartha

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World Traveler Sign

This can be found where Routes 5 & 35 meet in Lynchville. A semi-famous place in the state of Maine, the sign has been appearing… read more World Traveler Sign

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Queen Esther’s Rock

Interesting bit of Revolution history here that I never saw in any text book. And, just like the Matlack Grave, it’s wedged in between 2… read more Queen Esther’s Rock