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Shelburne Museum

Lots of pics. Go get some nachos. When one hears the word “museum” they tend to think of large, ugly buildings full of ugly, boring… read more Shelburne Museum

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Grave with a Window

A silly little stop in Vermont on one of our New England trips. New Haven was on the way to Shelburne & Burlington, so we… read more Grave with a Window

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New England ’07

Grave with a window in New Haven, VT Yet another trip that wasn’t finalized until the last minute. This almost turned into a trip to… read more New England ’07

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Gay City

Curiously named Gay City was founded just before the 1800’s by families seeking religious freedom and was around for roughly 80 years until the Industrial… read more Gay City

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Abandoned Cemetery in West Warwick

Yet another find through geocaching. I’ve tried to find the name of this cemetery or even some history behind it, but I’ve come up empty… read more Abandoned Cemetery in West Warwick

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Lizzie Borden House & Grave

“Lizzie Borden took an ax…” You know the rest. Or at least you should. All the way back in 1992, my 6th grade class did… read more Lizzie Borden House & Grave

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The Paper House

I heard about a house made of newspaper being somewhere in Massachusetts. Since it wasn’t too far from Salem, I figured we’d check it out…. read more The Paper House

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Salem’s Smallest Cemetery

I don’t know why I didn’t take pics of this on my first trip. In front of a church not far from Howard Street Cemetery… read more Salem’s Smallest Cemetery