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Finn’s Point

Posted by Stu On May - 20 - 2004

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Finn’s Point National Cemetery is small….not even 5 acres in size. When you first enter, you don’t see too many stones. But once you get to the back corner of the graveyard, you find out why; there is a very tall (85′ tall) memorial in the back for the 2,436 Confederate soldiers buried here. A smaller monument near the front of the cemetery lists the 135 Union soldiers interred here as well, 30 of whom were never identified. This cemetery is one of just a few in the entire country to have soldiers from both the North and South.
Finn’s Point also has 13 German POW’s, along with soldiers killed in action and veterans from other wars.

The Confederate Monument

Just one of the name plaques. From what I saw, there were 7 more.

The Union monument

The German POW’s corner

I thought this was an awesome name.

There were 7 signs with poetry on them. I took a pic of the last one.

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Bunker on Cape May Point Beach

Posted by Stu On November - 20 - 2003

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Updated on 4/05

The lighthouse guide in Cape May told me a brief history about the bunker. It’s from one of the world wars (forget which one). Back then, it was actually under the sand, with 900 feet of beach in front of it. Think about that. That’s not a whole lot of time that’s passed since.
Unfortunately there was no way in, since the only entrance I saw was at least 8 feet off the ground.

The Bunker from the top of the lighthouse…

…and from across a sand dune.


We revisited all the Cape May places to get new photos and info. I was surprised to see the bunker with sand underneath it. A ranger told us they’ve been trying to reclaim much of the lost beach. Much of the beach was off limits at this time.

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Concrete Shipwreck S.S. Atlantus

Posted by Stu On November - 20 - 2003

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I was a bit disappointed. There’s not much of it left above water.
The ship, S.S. Atlantus, was an experiment from WWI. After a few trips across the Atlantic to bring soldiers back home, the concrete ship proved to be near-useless (it was concrete, afterall). The ship was eventually sold to a man who had hoped to make it into a ferry between DE & NJ. During a storm in ’26 the Atlantus got loose and became stuck just off Sunset Beach. They tried freeing her, but once again we’re talking about concrete here. So she’s been there ever since. What you’re looking at is actually the ship’s center; over the decades she’s split in 2. I was amazed to see old photos of nearly the entire ship, still intact, above water. Fishermen and curiosity seekers would row or swim out to her often. She briefly had a sign for boat insurance on her as well.
Who knows how much longer she has before she completely disappears beneath the waves.

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World War II Watchtower

Posted by Stu On November - 20 - 2003

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Photos from 2003 & 2009
Originally posted 2003, updated 12/10

I didn’t even know about this place until I went to the Cape May Lighthouse and saw it off in the distance. The guide at the top of the lighthouse told me a bit about the history of the Watchtower, the Bunker, & the Concrete Shipwreck. The Shipwreck’s just down the street from the tower. And now for the sake of scribbling on pics, here’s the tower & shipwreck from the lighthouse:

Don’t know too much about the tower actually. The guide told me it was from World War II and that it’s closed off. He wasn’t kidding; there wasn’t even a door to get in. They sealed it off completely. He also mentioned they plan on reopening it within 3-5 years. I hope they go through with this ‘cuz I really want to see the inside.

There’s a faint outline of where the door was

Update – 12/10

In July of ’09, I took a friend from out of the country to the shore since he had never seen a boardwalk before.  We went to Wildwood, and during our time there, I decided to swing by Sunset Beach to check up on things.  Turns out the tower is finally open.  There is a fee to climb to the top; military and veterans can go for free.







Looks like a long way down.







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Posted by Stu On January - 6 - 2003

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I was contacted by people who own houses at Seabreeze about 2 years after I visited. They told me the place is not abandoned but is somewhat of a secret summer vacation spot. Most of the ones I spoke with were very friendly and I hope to someday visit them there in the summer.
Seabreeze is one of the few places in NJ where you can watch the sun set over the water. I’d like to see that.

Desolate is an understatement. Except for 2 houses, this place is dead. When we finally reached the end of Seabreeze Rd., we noticed 2 houses were occupied. One had a blue truck and another vehicle or 2 in front of it; the other had a blue car and 2 or 3 dogs outside. A big black dog, unleashed, came up to the car and started barking at us, following the car. I was surprised we didn’t run its feet over. After we passed ‘his’ house, the dog backed off and just watched us. We got down to the end of the road and found another small road branching off to the left. I took a pic of Seabreeze Rd.

There were maybe 10 houses down this road, and from what I could see, all of them were empty. There were quite a few ‘No Trespassing’ signs. One said “If I’m not watching, my neighbor is’, possibly meaning one of the 2 occupied houses.
We passed the big black dog again, and even with us beeping the horn, nobody came outside. After getting by the road’s guardian and passing another weathered house, we found another sideroad.

At the end was another small group of houses, maybe 8. All but one were completely boarded up. This small development is one of the oddest places I’ve ever been. The place looked like it was in an ice age, or it looked like some post-apocalyptic scene…..totally devoid of life. 3 jeeps were outside, all rusted and apparently not usable. These houses were all up on stilts, and most had docks. The docks were in bad shape; I’m surprised they supported the ice’s weight. One building which looked like it was a boat house was totally destroyed.

After taking about 15 pictures, the cold was really getting to us (the camera was even slowing down), so we left.

So is Seabreeze a summer place? Maybe. I honestly don’t think it’s been used in a long time though; the houses are in too bad of shape. I suppose we’ll find out when we go back. And now for some more pics.

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Posted by Stu On January - 6 - 2003

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The name is a little off. It’s not just a pile of shells…’s quite a few piles of shells. John actually stopped inside the State Police barracks in Bivalve to ask for directions to the Pile. Supposedly the cop laughed at him, then gave him the directions. I guess people asking state troopers for directions to piles of shells is funny, I dunno.
The piles are huge. I’m sorry I got out of the car too; the stench at Shellpile must be one of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced. I made John stand in front of one of the smaller hills to get a picture with some scale.

There’s actually a road that runs through the middle of the piles. There were also a few tractors and bulldozers at the site too.

Overall, the place isn’t that exciting, just big mountains of shells. But it was only about 20 minutes from Seabreeze, and we were in the area, so hey.

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