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Bear Swamp Hill

Posted by Stu On February - 22 - 2007

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It’s not really what’s at Bear Swamp Hill, because honestly there isn’t all too much to see – it’s moreso learning what happened there and then finding the remaining bits of evidence.

In January of 1971, a plane coming from the McGuire Air Force Base crashed into the fire tower atop the hill; the pilot did not survive the crash. Wreckage, some of the landing gear in particular, landed a third of a mile away. The tower and much of the plane were quickly cleaned up, but it was impossible to find every little bit of the wreckage. The tower was never replaced.

Today, on the hill itself is the foundation of the old tower. This has become a party spot, littered with cans and bottles. In the middle of the foundation is a fire ring made of brick. Down the path a bit are the remains of a bathroom. The landing gear is a good third of a mile hike down a sometimes nearly non-existent trail. I’m glad we did this in the dead of winter. This is not somewhere you’d want to try in summer; the trail would most likely be overgrown, and I don’t even want to think about the amount of ticks & chiggers.

Foundation of the tower, with a fire ring in the middle


Reaching our goal, the woods seemed to almost open up for us; in somewhat of a clearing we found the last known large piece of the plane – some of its landing gear. All around were stumps, with a few younger trees quickly taking their places. I looked around the area a bit to see if I could find any more pieces but came up empty. Also keep in mind much of the ground was covered in snow, so I may have missed something. Allegedly part of the plane is still embedded in a tree trunk nearby. I’ve heard this from a few different sources, but nobody seems to know just where it is.

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Whale Beach

Posted by Stu On February - 21 - 2006

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We had read about something strange among the dunes near Strathmere, just north of Sea Isle City. While not very large and not necessarily worth the drive from Bayville, it sure is…..different.

From the road, it just looks like a high part of the dunes – with a weather vane sticking out of it. Climbing up the steps reveals a small fenced off section, with oars, signs, pieces of boats, angel statues, and other random knick knacks. The walkway is even carpeted.
A storm in 1962 destroyed many of the homes nearby, and Whale Beach is where one of them stood. From what I’ve read, the family across the street owned the house and created Whale Beach as a memorial.

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Bridge to Nowhere

Posted by Stu On January - 28 - 2005

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We discovered this while out geocaching.
It may have half-burned down a last fall, but that doesn’t take away from the uniqueness of this bridge. You may no longer be able to cross it, but you can still see where this bridge leads……nowhere.
To quote another cacher “Definitely known as the ‘Bridge that Goes Nowhere’ from the birding groups. You can drive up to it, you can walk across it, but you just ain’t goin’ nowhere.”
That’s right, there is no road or trail on the other side of the bridge. Kinda makes you wonder why they bothered to build it in the first place. It’s now blocked off by 3 concrete barricades, but that doesn’t make much of a difference…you still can’t cross it.

Word of caution too, if you should happen to stumble upon the bridge…the dirt road leading to it is brutal. There are huge potholes and bumps. I’ve been on some bad roads in the Pines, and I can easily say this is one of the worst. I read one log where a guy wrote about hitting his head on the roof of his car because of the bumps. If you have a truck it probably isn’t so bad, but of course my truck had to die a few weeks ago.

No path of any sort….just a row of powerlines.

Update – 3/09

Can’t believe it’s been over 4 years since I was last down this road. I’ve gotten quite a few emails about this place since I first posted it. Supposedly the bridge was built because a development was to have been built somewhere out here but obviously never came to be.
A second and seemingly more popular topic involves an accident that happened on the road leading out to the bridge. I got a lot of emails saying there was a suicide back here, and the person’s grave was right on the road. I decided to finally drive back down this godawful road again and check it out. Let me say the road is much worse than it was just a few years ago. If you have a car, do not drive down it. Some trucks will even have trouble. It’s really not that long of a walk anyway, if you really need to see a broken bridge that badly.
It turns out someone lost control of her car and wound up in the marsh. There’s a small memorial to her which is, like the bridge, barricaded by concrete. I’m not really sure if it’s an actual grave but I doubt it.

Hope this answers some of the questions I’ve received. Be respectful and remember someone did lose their life driving down this road.

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Mast in the Sand

Posted by Stu On November - 20 - 2004

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Along the beach in Barnegat Light you can find this curiosity sticking out of the sand. Supposedly it’s an entire ship that is buried underneath the sand. According to what story you hear, the ship was either a fishing boat or scalloper. Somehow it ended up getting beached (one claim is that it was towing another boat and rope jammed its propeller), and it’s been there ever since. Over the years, partially thanks to the jetty near the lighthouse, sand has built up. Where the ship is buried now was water not that long ago.

In Memory

Bob “Pop” Flynn

There were some ropes hanging from the top; some looked like they’ve been there forever, but 1 or 2 looked brand new.

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Mass Grave for the Unknown

Posted by Stu On February - 16 - 2003

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Originally visited 2/03
Updated/Reshot 4/04

This monument marks the spot of a mass grave of over 140 people
The Unknown From The Sea”

I read about this grave on a neat lil’ site I found. It has full info on the place, but I’ll do a quick summary anyway:
In 1854, The Powhatan left from France or Germany with 300+ immigrants aboard. The ship sank during a hurricane-like blizzard, and the bodies of the people washed up on various beaches in central/southern NJ. About 140 washed up on Long Beach Island, and they were buried in a mass grave in Manahawkin. This is a very brief writeup of what happened……I strongly suggest reading the site I mentioned before if interested.

The monument was pretty easy to spot; I got to the cemetery and saw a large fenced-in area and knew that had to be it. As I stepped over the lil’ barrier (right under the tree in the picture), the wind picked up and howled. Pretty cool.
Inside the mass grave is one marked grave…..I still haven’t found out who this is yet or what significance they might have to The Powhatan wreck, since they were born nearly a decade after the tragedy. They were also born in Sweden; the Powhatan victims were German.

This monument marks the spot of a mass grave of over 140 people

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Carranza Monument

Posted by Stu On September - 5 - 2002

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Found accidentally 9/02
Page revamped 8/04

In July of 1928, Emilio Carranza Rodriguez’s plane crashed in the Pine Barrens. He was on his way back to Mexico from a goodwill flight to New York. At the crash site is a memorial, roughly 10-12 feet tall. One side has an arrow carved into it, symbolizing Carranza’s flight. The other side has a descending Aztec eagle, indicating his plummet to earth. Underneath the eagle are 2 footprints, which are for his final moments on earth. The other 2 sides of the marker have writing on them, one side in English and the other Spanish. They tell the date of the tragedy and offer a few words of honor to the aviator, who was called “the Lindbergh of Mexico.” There is an annual commemoration on the 2nd Saturday in July, which is around Carranza’s day of death.

The memorial is just about in the middle of nowhere, off Carranza Road in the Pines. It’s not far from where the paved section of the road ends.

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