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Mount Misery Road

Posted by Stu On February - 20 - 2005

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Here’s another road that gets more attention than it deserves due to its name. While I will agree Mt. Misery is a cool road to drive down at night, there really isn’t anything noteworthy on it. It has a Methodist retreat center on its Rt. 70 end, as well as a few houses along the rest of it. No Trespassing signs are frequent, which may add to the appeal of the road. The road (if you’re coming from 70) starts out paved and somewhere in the middle becomes dirt, with large potholes. Many side roads split off from it, so if you’re feeling adventurous (if you didn’t you wouldn’t be checking this site), taking these alternate ways could lead to other interesting spots in the pines. Some will just get you plain lost.

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Brooksbrae Brick Factory 2005

Posted by Stu On February - 20 - 2005

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Hidden among the trees near Mt. Misery are the remains of the Brooksbrae Brick Factory, which has been mistakenly called the Pasadena Terra Cotta Factory for years. We’ve been to Brooksbrae numerous times, and these are probably my favorite South Jersey ruins.

There is a ghost story attached to the place as well. Supposedly one night long ago a stranger looking for a place to stay overnight came to the factory. After gaining the trust of 2 people who agreed to let him stay, he killed them and took their money. They’re said to haunt the area to this day. I’m not so sure about that; I’ve been there at night before and never had anything odd happen.

The tracks that cross the trail to the factory

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Atsion 2005

Posted by Stu On February - 5 - 2005

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First posted 10/02
New photos from 2/05

This page is essentially a remake of theĀ original (9/02). The pictures I had of the various things at Atsion weren’t all that good, and I finally got around to getting new ones.

Atsion is one of the ghost towns that can be found in the Pine Barrens. Unlike most of the ghost towns, Atsion is more than a hanful of foundations and still has a few buildings standing.

Down one of the paths you can find some foundations, along with what’s left of a cotton mill.

Further up from the cotton mill is a bridge from a defunct railroad…fun to cross but beware the random spacing.

“These are the days of our lives”. I have to agree.

These pics are of a building that’s in sad, sad shape. Oddly, there are a brand new gazebo and shed right behind it.

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