Monday, March 30, 2020

Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

Photos from 3/13 I drove by this a few times on the way to New Hope and was curious what exactly it was.  After being assigned a paper for a Museum Studies class and randomly choosing Fonthill Castle from a list of local museums, I got my answer.  Henry Chapman Mercer, who owned both Fonthill […]

Kindred Spirit Mailbox

Photos from 6/14 – Revisited 5/15 We have long been vacationing in the Ocean Isle Beach/Sunset Beach area of North Carolina, and I’m hoping to live in the area in the near future.  Sunset Beach is our favorite beach; it’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and parking is free.  This is a far cry from the Jersey […]

Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson Ruins

Photos from June 2013 Old Brunswick Town predates the American Revolution and was once an important port along the Cape Fear River.  The growing size and importance of nearby Wilmington chipped away at Brunswick’s significance and population.  In 1776, the British attacked the town and scattered its few remaining residents, and the town was never […]

Profile Rock

Photos from June 2013 I was told of a rock not too far from me that resembled a Native American face, appropriately named Profile Rock.  The stone face is found on Route 42 between Catawissa and Bloomsburg.  Unfortunately, it’s also located right at a bend in the road, so if you go looking for it, […]

Thousand Islands & Boldt Castle

Photos Taken October 2011 From my experience, few people are aware that The Thousand Islands refers to an actual place and not just salad dressing.  The area in question is between Ontario and New York, along the St. Lawrence River and the uppermost section of Lake Ontario.  The name The Thousand Islands is also a […]

Biodome de Montreal

Photos taken October 2011 Waaaaaaay back in high school, some of us took a 4-day trip to Quebec, with sightseeing in both Montreal and Quebec City, and I always wanted to go back.  So for our 2011 fall trip, we decided to combine two of our proposed vacation spots – Quebec and the Thousand Islands. […]

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Kindred Spirit Mailbox

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Profile Rock

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