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Palace of Gold

Posted by Stu On July - 21 - 2006

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Definitely one of the more unusual places I’ve seen – a Hindu temple and palace dedicated to Srila Prabhupada – in the mountains of West Virginia? The drive to it was a quest in itself – miles of winding, crumbling road, with few houses along the way. I’ve driven on some pretty bad roads, especially in the Pine Barrens, and I can easily say none come close to this one.

After going down the walkway, the palace is the first building you see. Behind it is a decent sized rose garden.
I was disappointed to learn photography isn’t allowed inside the palace. Of course, this wasn’t mentioned until after I paid for the tour.

For more information about the palace or the story of Srila Prabhupada, check out the Palace of Gold’s website, as well as the community of New Vrindaban’s site.

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West Virginia Penitentiary

Posted by Stu On July - 21 - 2006

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I. Hate. Group. Tours.
I was expecting another Eastern State romp – getting a map, signing a waiver, and going off on my merry little way.

…well, it really isn’t a fair comparison, since Eastern is older and in worse condition.

The tour lasts roughly an hour, and unfortunately it’s a guided group tour. Nothing against the tour guide…I just can’t stand group tours. She told us of the 1986 riots, the Aryan Brotherhood members in solitary cells, and several other stories. You also get locked in a cell, which is kind of cool.

The prison ran from 1866 to 1995. It was closed because the conditions and cell sizes were deemed cruel and unusual punishment. The prison is also said to be haunted.

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