Zabriskie Mansion

The side of the mansion

I heard about this place quite a few times. After getting directions from a message board, John & I headed up to the Palisades to check it out. It’s a decent hike to get to it; maybe 3/4 of a mile.
Odd place, indeed. The year (I’m guessing it’s a year) 1911 is on the front of the place. There are trees growing out of the roof. I was surprised how it was built into the side of the Palisades; you can just walk up to the roof. I was a bit bummed to see that half the rooms weren’t accessible; large piles of rocks closed off a few entrances, and others were sealed up. I also noticed that there was no graffiti. I heard quite a few people say there was Satanic stuff all over. This wasn’t true; there were some candles, a few small figures, and what looked like an altar. Maybe I’m just forgetting stupid people equate candles and altars to evil.

The entrance brings you into what I guess is the main room. This is where the candles & whatnot are. There’s also a small firepit set up, with a few rocks for seats. To the left is a room that’s half buried in rubble and totally dark. There are decrepit stairs leading up to a 2nd room. Nothing really interesting up there, except for some DOOMish-looking icicles.

The side of the mansion

The steps that lead to the building The entrance

Altar, figures, and candles

Cozy lil' fireplace.....of DOOM

The upstairs room had a lot of icicles

One of the partially filled-in rooms

The side of the mansion

The side of the mansion

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