Abandoned Cranberry Mill

A reader of the site told me about this place. Thanks again, Ben.
I was impressed with the condition of the place. Don’t know how long it’s been out of commission, but the buildings are in pretty good shape. There’s 1 large building and 3 smaller ones. Behind the largest is some heavily weathered equipment, like a rusty tractor.

The inside of the big building was interesting. There were rows & rows of garbage cans, cardboard cutouts, and various other things……..the place is frequented by paintballers. I passed by a Devil May Cry stand…Dante was shot up pretty bad.

The upstairs floor was great……kinda reminded me of an asylum.

Author: Stu

1 thought on “Abandoned Cranberry Mill

  1. hey i was woundering where this whas because their is a biggg cranberry factory in belleplain nj, (which is right up the street from head of riv. church) and what u have here is not it at all! so this must mean their is 2 and ide really like 2 find this one!

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