Roadside Stonehenges

Spencer 8/03
Bloomington 4/04

Found this alongside Rt. 46 in Indiana……we were on our way to Nashville when I noticed 3 stone…..things on the side of the road. There was even a little bridge leading to one of them. We couldn’t get too close because of traffic, so I had to take a few pics quickly from the car. I didn’t know what to make of the place, since it was in front of a medical company.

I asked my grandpa if he knew anything about the stones. He said they’re most likely unusable cuts from quarries. When asked why they were stacked up in nifty lil’ tower things in front of a medical company, he shrugged, “Probably those damn art students up at the college.”


I found some more stone silliness a few miles away in Bloomington. These stones can be found next to the Harley-Davidson parking lot.

Author: Stu