Hebrew Park Trestle

I had read on a small site dedicated to Bayville that there was an old railroad trestle somewhere behind Hebrew Park. I forgot about the site for a while….and when I went to look up info about the trestle I learned the site was gone. So I set out a few weeks back to find the trestle, which was actually pretty easy to find.

Not a whole lot to say about the trestle….according to the kind folks over at NJPineBarrens, it was “from the Barnegat Branch of the CNJ’s Southern Division.” I’m not sure just how old the trestle is, but seeing how there are no tracks and the trestle is a good 3-4 feet higher than the rest of the ground, it’s safe to assume the line has been gone for quite a while.

The middle has bad fire damage:

It’s kind of hard to picture a train running through there; the spot is now a local swimming hole. The creek’s deep enough so you can jump off the trestle…..but make sure you aim for the middle.

Author: Stu