Quaker Cemetery

I stumbled upon this cemetery on a geocaching site, where they had it listed as “Quaker Cemetery.” I tried looking up more information, but it was listed as unnamed. Perhaps it started out as a Quaker cemetery, as there are many old blank stones…many of which have broken or fallen over. I’m not sure how old these stones are, however. There are many from the 1800’s and 1900’s as well, some as recent as the 80’s. There were also no signs anywhere to be found. Someone must be taking care of the place, however; a few of the older broken stones have been reinforced or cemented back together.

What makes this graveyard so unique is its location; it is located at the intersection of 2 large highways, yet if you’re not looking for it you’ll never see it. It’s sort of in its own valley. Just feet away, about 10 feet above the graveyard, cars and trucks speed by on 195.

If you attempt to visit this cemetery, please use caution…..traffic is quite heavy.

This is easily one of my favorite finds yet.

Surrounding one large tree in the center of the cemetery are many small stones…some of which still have initials on them. Maybe these were the original stones, possibly Quakers:

You can see the highway behind the graveyard, up the hill:

And here you can see a sign from 195 among the trees:

This stone’s held up by a dead branch:

We found quite a few broken stones off to the sides of the graveyard. The woods have reclaimed these parts:

Author: Stu