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Posted in Pennsylvania

Eastern State Penitentiary

Quite a few pics; worth the loading. I can’t recommend this place enough. I’m sorry I put off going to it for 3 years. How… read more Eastern State Penitentiary

Posted in New England

Gillette Castle

I honestly didn’t know much about this place before deciding to visit it. I found out it was the home of the guy who played… read more Gillette Castle

Posted in New Jersey

Waterloo Village

History buffs will love this place. Waterloo was a canal town in its heyday. Most of the buildings have been restored, and like many of… read more Waterloo Village

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Zwaanendael Museum

The Zwaanendael is almost your typical local history museum. Almost. Like most other local history museums, there are artifacts, clothes, etc. from the time period… read more Zwaanendael Museum

Posted in New Jersey

Burlington County Prison Museum

Most sites won’t cover a place like this, and I feel they’re missing out on quite a bit by not doing so. This prison was… read more Burlington County Prison Museum

Posted in New Jersey

Lambert Castle

One of my friends has been telling me about Garrett Mountain for years. He had heard ghost stories of a castle that was on the… read more Lambert Castle