Gillette Castle

I honestly didn’t know much about this place before deciding to visit it. I found out it was the home of the guy who played Sherlock Holmes on stage, a fact I admit I didn’t really care about at the time. I just figured it was a cool-looking castle in Connecticut. It’s pretty impressive nevertheless…definitely not a normal house.

I didn’t get many pics of the inside of the castle since we got yelled at twice. First I was told flash was not allowed inside. That’s fine, but you’d figure they’d have a sign stating this. Secondly, once you go upstairs, they don’t let you back downstairs. Once again, a silly rule that isn’t mentioned or written anywhere. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have rushed to the top.

Overall, Gillette Castle is a cool place…quite different from the norm. The people running it, however, need to let visitors know before they go upstairs that they can’t go back down. Yeah, I’m still annoyed about that.

Author: Stu