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Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

Photos from 3/13 I drove by this a few times on the way to New Hope and was curious what exactly it was.  After being… read more Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

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Thousand Islands & Boldt Castle

Photos Taken October 2011 From my experience, few people are aware that The Thousand Islands refers to an actual place and not just salad dressing. … read more Thousand Islands & Boldt Castle

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Forest Castle

A few years back, I received an email about a castle in Lakewood. I was told it was part of an apartment complex, and it… read more Forest Castle

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Gillette Castle

I honestly didn’t know much about this place before deciding to visit it. I found out it was the home of the guy who played… read more Gillette Castle

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Lambert Castle

One of my friends has been telling me about Garrett Mountain for years. He had heard ghost stories of a castle that was on the… read more Lambert Castle