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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

Posted by Stu On December - 27 - 2008

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory is quite a popular tourist destination in Vermont. But while most people go there to sample flavors, see ice cream being made, or to check out the gift shop, I had a different agenda. Up on a hill a bit to the side of the factory is a graveyard, one unlike any other on the site, for there lie over 20 flavors that have passed on. Each “headstone” has a pretty silly epitaph written on it. While some flavors sound appealing and made me wonder why they flopped, others are way more obvious. Peanuts & Popcorn? Really?
Their “birth” and “death” dates are also noted.

View of the factory from the graveyard.

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Champ’s Monument

Posted by Stu On November - 27 - 2007

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I am fully aware that this is a very, very dumb addition to the site.
And I don’t care.

When I was little, I read nothing but ghost and cryptozoology books. One monster I was particularly fond of was Champ, Lake Champlain’s monster, the US version of Nessie. Once I found out there was actually a monument for him/her/it, and that it was just a few towns up from the Shelburne Museum, I had to go.
Sadly, it’s barely a monument. It’s very small and right on the ground. I actually couldn’t find it at first because from the car I was looking for an actual monument-looking thing, not something slightly bigger than a headstone.

Small print reads (continuing the Dedicated to Champ line at top):

” And Those People in Vermont
Who Have Sighted Champ
And Are in Search of Champ”

Really nothing else to say, other than it was my first time seeing Lake Champlain. It had just finished raining, so it was pretty dark on the water.

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Shelburne Museum

Posted by Stu On November - 27 - 2007

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Lots of pics. Go get some nachos.

When one hears the word “museum” they tend to think of large, ugly buildings full of ugly, boring stuff. Fortunately, the Shelburne Museum is not your ordinary museum. Not in the slightest. While there is some art on display, there is much, much more to see. Many of the collections are just bizarre, ranging from automatons to horse-drawn carriages. And this is not just one museum; it’s several. How’s that? Technically the museum is outside, and several of the buildings house different collections. The buildings themselves can be considered a museum as well; where else can you find a jail, lighthouse, covered bridge, and even a steamship that were bought and moved to one site?

The entrance to the museum is a large round barn. Inside is the ticket booth and some art exhibits, one being various chandeliers. My favorite was the one made of plastic kitchenware.

Next thing we saw was an old creaky carousel. It still works and you can ride it.

What’s this? Oh, a train station.

How about that…a passenger car.

Huh? You can go inside?

Well, that was interesting. What’s up the trail from the train station?
A steamship.

But can you go inside?

A view from the deck of the ship. It looks like a town, but all but the church way in the back are part of the museum.

Hey, what’s that across from the steamship?

A lighthouse, complete with rocks.

“Turtle Boy”

The covered bridge used to be the entrance to the museum.

This was a very, very tiny jail:

Inside the one-room schoolhouse.

Inside the 50’s house.

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Grave with a Window

Posted by Stu On November - 27 - 2007

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A silly little stop in Vermont on one of our New England trips. New Haven was on the way to Shelburne & Burlington, so we figured why not.

It’s strange enough the grave is a mound, but….what’s that on top of it?

Some sort of window? Can you see in there?

…No. You can’t see anything.

There is no wording on the grave. It’s just a mound with a window in it.
Supposedly whoever this belongs to was afraid of the dark. At least that’s all I’ve heard.

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Hope Cemetery

Posted by Stu On October - 21 - 2005

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I had read about this cemetery in Barre, VT, on Roadside America. The graves are all granite; many are beautifully carved and detailed, while some are just bizarre. There’s also a small fountain in the center of the graveyard, which looks like it hasn’t been working for a while.

This has a French poem on it. I was proud of myself for deciphering some of it.

Being dead must be boring.

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Dog Chapel

Posted by Stu On October - 21 - 2005

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Now this is a roadside oddity – a chapel for dogs on a hilltop. Everything here, and I mean EVERYTHING, has to do with dogs….even the doorknobs and banisters. There’s even a doggy door for the chapel. This was an interesting ending to our trip to Vermont.

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