Champ’s Monument

I am fully aware that this is a very, very dumb addition to the site.
And I don’t care.

When I was little, I read nothing but ghost and cryptozoology books. One monster I was particularly fond of was Champ, Lake Champlain’s monster, the US version of Nessie. Once I found out there was actually a monument for him/her/it, and that it was just a few towns up from the Shelburne Museum, I had to go.
Sadly, it’s barely a monument. It’s very small and right on the ground. I actually couldn’t find it at first because from the car I was looking for an actual monument-looking thing, not something slightly bigger than a headstone.

Small print reads (continuing the Dedicated to Champ line at top):

” And Those People in Vermont
Who Have Sighted Champ
And Are in Search of Champ”

Really nothing else to say, other than it was my first time seeing Lake Champlain. It had just finished raining, so it was pretty dark on the water.

Author: Stu