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Washington Rock

Another curiosity I found through the wonders of geocaching.  This was on my to-do list for about 5 years before I finally headed up to… read more Washington Rock

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Celestia, PA (Ghost Town)

Another example of the place’s story being much more interesting than the place itself. I had read over and over about a ghost town in… read more Celestia, PA (Ghost Town)

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Space Farms Zoo & Museum

It’s a zoo! It’s a museum! Lemurs. Bears. Leopards. Kangaroos. Coffins. Indian artifacts. Preserved animal embryos. Old cars. Throw together Popcorn Park Zoo with the… read more Space Farms Zoo & Museum

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Shelburne Museum

Lots of pics. Go get some nachos. When one hears the word “museum” they tend to think of large, ugly buildings full of ugly, boring… read more Shelburne Museum

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Grave with a Window

A silly little stop in Vermont on one of our New England trips. New Haven was on the way to Shelburne & Burlington, so we… read more Grave with a Window

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The Paper House

I heard about a house made of newspaper being somewhere in Massachusetts. Since it wasn’t too far from Salem, I figured we’d check it out…. read more The Paper House

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Needmore Pyramid Ruins

A pyramid in Indiana? Sort of. Back in the 50’s, a 1/5 scale Great Pyramid and a portion of the Great Wall were to have… read more Needmore Pyramid Ruins

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Dog Chapel

Now this is a roadside oddity – a chapel for dogs on a hilltop. Everything here, and I mean EVERYTHING, has to do with dogs….even… read more Dog Chapel