Rock Garden of America


My mom moved to North Carolina a few years ago, and during my drive down to Ocean Isle Beach for vacation I decided to visit her.  Right on the side of the road just a few miles from her house, I found this.  It’s just sitting in front of someone’s front yard.


If the sign and rocks don’t give it away, this is supposed to be a rock garden featuring rocks from different states.  I admit I wasn’t here all that long, but I’m pretty sure a few states are missing.  Some states have multiple rocks as well.


Being a Jersey boy, I got a close-up of the NJ rock.


Being a recently converted PA boy, I looked among the various tags for “PA” but was unable to find any.


Just a random, unexpected thing to see along a small highway in northern NC, I think.  There was also some sort of platform that said “register,” I’m guessing for holding a guest book of some sort, but there was nothing on it.

Author: Stu