Giant Coffee Mug of Wilkes-Barre


I’m not really sure how many times I’ve driven by this without giving it too much thought.  Recently I heard this building was to be sold, so I figured I’d check it out before it was possibly razed.

Turns out this was, unsurprisingly, supposed to have been a coffee shop.  The sign for the business is still out in front of the mug.  For whatever reason it never materialized, and the property was put on public auction a few months ago.



Author: Stu

5 thoughts on “Giant Coffee Mug of Wilkes-Barre

  1. I’m from the area and just noticed this today….what a great idea for a coffee shop ..its so sad it just sits there rotting away!!

  2. I saw this mug building many years ago on a nostalgia site displaying pictures and information about odd buildings from the past. There definitely is a story connected to the building, which I’m positive was moved to Wilkes Barre, PA from another state. Whomever the seller is, they should find out the history, and possible a picture of it in its heyday, and make it part of the marketing plan. Would be a sad thing to have it rot and then be torn down.

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