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Mighty Joe

Anyone driving on Route 206 in Shamong has surely seen the gorilla in the parking lot of Mighty Joe’s, a gas station and convenience store. … read more Mighty Joe

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South of the Border

Photos from June 2011 For a few years during my childhood, my family would drive down to Florida every February, and my brother and I… read more South of the Border

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The Shoe House

In 1948, Colonel Mahlon M. Haines, the owner of several shoe stores in PA & MD, decided to implement what is likely the ultimate advertising… read more The Shoe House

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Route 309 Cow

It seems for as long as anyone can remember, this giant cow has been standing along Route 309 in Wilkes-Barre Township.  It stands guard in… read more Route 309 Cow

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Giant Coffee Mug of Wilkes-Barre

I’m not really sure how many times I’ve driven by this without giving it too much thought.  Recently I heard this building was to be… read more Giant Coffee Mug of Wilkes-Barre

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Freeport’s Big Indian

Normally, I don’t bother with big roadside things. Coming from South Jersey, I’ve seen plenty of them and never saw the big deal. I mean,… read more Freeport’s Big Indian

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How do you make a map store fun? With the world’s largest globe (Guinness world record holder since ’99), that’s how. Added bonus – it… read more Eartha

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Lucy the Elephant

Most people look at you funny if you tell them there’s a 6 story elephant near Atlantic City. Lucy was built in 1881 to attract… read more Lucy the Elephant