1 thought on “Purgatory House – Annie’s Photos

  1. I went to the purgatory house about a year ago from now with 2 of my friends. When i arrived, i got chills up my back but I thought that it was just from the suspence of being at a “haunted abandoned house” so close to holloween, so i thought. As i got into the house, chills ran up my spine even more. It dropped no lie about twenty degreese even though it was during winter time. As we stepped further into the house, my friend said she was pushed and she started crying said she wanted to go home. But she was the actor/spooker out of the group. Then what happened nexthaunts me till this day. I don’t know if people where inside but my two friends and I heard a deap male voice speaking like he was around the corner but when we looked no one was there. Then we heard as if there where about two kids crying from around the corner where we just where when we heard the male’s voice. We couldn’t make out what the male was saying nor did we have time to comprehend what just happened and what we heard. I swear on my whole family’s grave this really happened. We where so creaped out that we went out screaming and running like kids. But the real thing that I wanted to know is, what’s the story behind this house? What happened for it to be abandoned? I’ve tried looking up its history and its haunted tale but i can’t find it anywhere. All i found out was that some guy owns it now but its still abandoned. So if you can help me i would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

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