Purgatory House

At least they're being nice about it....

I heard about this place numerous times but didn’t know how to get to it. One of the site’s readers (thanks Annie) told me how to get there. So off I went. Click here for Annie’s photos.

Further up Purgatory Rd., we found another odd site. It looked like what could’ve been an old driveway; on either side were bricks and pillars. One part had DIE spraypainted on it. There were some trees knocked down to block the path off. On the ground and hanging from the trees were deer carcasses, I’m hoping from hunters. One side of the path also had an empty rabbit cage. I took 2 pics, but the snow was covering the bodies.

We finally reached the house’s driveway. I was surprised at the house’s size…..a lot bigger than I expected.

The house is in pretty bad shape

I was a bit worried that people were in the house; there were lots of tracks in the snow. I didn’t hear anything, so we headed in. Behind the house was an old car with plants growing out of it and a big pile or tires. On the one side were 2 more cars, an silo with no top, and a large dumpster. I’ve heard people talk about the former residents’ stuff being all over the house. Not anymore……….minus some garbage, the place is empty. I’m guessing that’s what the dumpster is there for, but that was snow-covered so I couldn’t see what was in it. Looks like the house might end up being knocked down very soon. I’m just glad I got to see it.

House Pics

The "Jesus Hates You" on the right adds a nice touch to the house
I love this design. Reminds me of Ocean County & Seaview Square malls back in the 80’s.

This owl stopped giving a hoot.
This lil’ dude was hanging from the ceiling.

Car pics

That's actually growing out of the car

Silo Pics

Ever play Final Fantasy VII?  I felt like I was at the bottom of the well in Corel Prison.
This is an upward shot from inside the silo. Looks like the moon.

Author: Stu