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Lockport Cave

Posted by Stu On July - 12 - 2011

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Not content spending our mini-vacation just looking at water, we found some other things to see on the way up to Niagara Falls.  I saw something online about a cave tour with a boat ride not too far away from our destination.  Still on somewhat of a cavern kick (we visited 3 in Pennsylvania over the summer) and being in a part of New York we had never visited before, we figured it’d be worth checking out.  So after seeing the World’s Smallest Church, we were off to Lockport Cave.

The tour starts in what is the old City Hall building; from the inside, it looks like it was more recently a diner.  Here the tours leave.  You get a quick spiel about the canal’s lock system and then it’s off to the cave entrance. You walk down several steps and are led to a large…pipe?

Lockport Cave isn’t actually a cave; it’s completely man made and was blasted out during the mid-1800’s.  It was actually a hydraulic tunnel that ran power to local factories.







The entrance into the cave is sort of bizarre, as you’re walking down this long tube.  Kind of reminded me of the end of ET a bit.  There is a bit of a walk, and then everyone is piled into a small boat and taken farther into the tunnel.  All in all, decent tour.








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