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Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

Photos from 3/13 I drove by this a few times on the way to New Hope and was curious what exactly it was.  After being… read more Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

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Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson Ruins

Photos from June 2013 Old Brunswick Town predates the American Revolution and was once an important port along the Cape Fear River.  The growing size… read more Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson Ruins

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Thousand Islands & Boldt Castle

Photos Taken October 2011 From my experience, few people are aware that The Thousand Islands refers to an actual place and not just salad dressing. … read more Thousand Islands & Boldt Castle

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Fort Ticonderoga

Photos taken October 2011 Fort Ticonderoga, if even mentioned in any of your US History textbooks, was probably briefly brought up for a sentence or… read more Fort Ticonderoga

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Walt’s Filling Station

Photos taken October 2011 Another discovery through geocaching.  We stopped here on the way home from our Quebec/New York trip.  This may look like a… read more Walt’s Filling Station

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Photos taken June ’12 via camera & camera phone, hence different photo sizes Another find via geocaching.  Seriously, if you’ve never geocached, get a GPS… read more Lausanne

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East Village Rock n’ Roll Tour

Photos from November 2011 I laugh whenever anyone says history classes are boring, because I’ve taken some really cool and unusual ones, case in point… read more East Village Rock n’ Roll Tour

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Mars Bluff Bomb Crater

Photos from June 2011 Another find due to geocaching.  I wanted to make a day trip out of our visit to South of the Border,… read more Mars Bluff Bomb Crater