Mays Landing Brick Company

Just look for this on the side of Rt. 40!

I noticed these old-looking tall things sticking out of the woods on one of our trips down to Seabreeze. So I jumped out of the car and walked through the woods, expecting that there would just be these 2 towery things to take pics of. How wrong I was……..

One of the towers & 2 of the round buildings

Before me & John even got to the towers, we noticed 2 or 3 small, round buildings in front of them……almost looked like parts of a castle. Two didn’t have roofs, and many of the ‘windows’ in them were bricked up.

Inside one of the round things Bricked-up windows

I finally got to one of the towers and noticed a hole in the bottom of it. I crawled inside and got an upward pic of the inside.
Behind the towers were a few more round buildings. One actually had train tracks leading inside of it. This one had a roof and there was some random stuff inside it.

A couch, a chair, and railroad tracks?

We just kept finding more & more stuff. Behind all this were some odd concrete rows…..we had to duck to go in them. They were maybe 5′ tall. There were rooms connecting them.

There are offshoots inside that lead to the other 'tunnels'

One building I saw kind of reminded me of a crematorium……

Scary thing was, it looked like it was surrounded by ashes

To the left of everything is an abandoned house, which is obviously much newer than the rest of the place. The house had paint on it, and there were paintballs all over the place. I don’t blame them; plenty of obstacles back here.

No doors or windows Yup, that's a chair in the window

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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I re-visited these ruins a few weeks ago, and they are no longer there. There were bulldozers in the area, so they must have demolished it fairly recently.

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