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Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson Ruins

Photos from June 2013 Old Brunswick Town predates the American Revolution and was once an important port along the Cape Fear River.  The growing size… read more Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson Ruins

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Photos taken June ’12 via camera & camera phone, hence different photo sizes Another find via geocaching.  Seriously, if you’ve never geocached, get a GPS… read more Lausanne

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Avondale Mine Disaster

With all the attention Centralia gets, it’s amazing most people are unaware of other mine fires and disasters.  I admit I had never heard of… read more Avondale Mine Disaster

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Glen Onoko “Turn Hole” Tunnel

This was an added bonus to an already scenic hike.  This tunnel can be found along the trail in the Glen Onoko section of Lehigh… read more Glen Onoko “Turn Hole” Tunnel

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Dogtown, found between Gloucester and Rockport (yes, the same Rockport where that silly Paper House is) has a long and unusual history.  Settled as early… read more Dogtown

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Old Stone House Ruins in Scarborough State Park

This place can be found along the water in Scarborough State Park.  We noticed it coming back from the Block Island Ferry.  Really not much… read more Old Stone House Ruins in Scarborough State Park

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Ocean View Hotel Ruins

Not far from the port on Block Island can be found the ruins of the Ocean View Hotel, destroyed by fire in 1966.  Sections of… read more Ocean View Hotel Ruins

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Touro Park “Viking Tower”

I had been meaning to get to this one for a number of years, but it was usually out of the way.  Since we were… read more Touro Park “Viking Tower”