Winslow Junction

Originally visited 4/03
New photos 2/05

Inside the Tower – 8/03

Some time ago, Winslow Junction was one of the busiest train stations on the east coast. Now, it is nothing more than a street intersection with 15-20 rail cars to the side. Some are in decent condition, but some have every window smashed and cracked paint. Quite a few lines are accounted for here: Amtrak; Southern Pacific; Lehigh Valley; etc. The guys working here were very friendly to us. They don’t mind if people come to take pictures, but entering the trains is a no-no. It looked like they were fixing up some of the cars on our most recent visit.
The sign said something about a train wreck taking place here, but I couldn’t find any information about it.
Up the road a bit from the Junction is an unused tower along an active track.

Author: Stu