The Jacksons’ House

I was surprised to find out this house is just blocks away from me; I heard about it from a coworker. He said he was at the house over the winter and said the utilities worked then. There were also letters from the 30’s, along with a lot of paperwork.
When we went in, we were surprised to see the house was in pretty good condition. Sure, most of the windows have been broken by punks with nothing better to do, but other than that, nothing else was wrong with the house. There was even an old hand vacuum still plugged into the wall.
My friend wasn’t kidding about paperwork. Whoever lived here just picked up & left; nearly everything was still in the house. There were boxes with utensils, dishes, etc. in them. There was paperwork all over too; we found an address book from 1968 and a photo album. I don’t know why the owners left all this behind.

I thought it was cool that the house had 2 separate attics……first time I’ve been in a house like that, anyway….

Next to the house is a decent-sized garage with 2 doors (both were locked). On the side of the garage was an extra room, which was also filled with old papers. Some were burnt, but most were in fairly good shape. Behind the house are the remains of a boat & small dock.

Author: Stu