Abandoned Building in South Mountain Reservation

I teamed up with some people in North Jersey to check out this place. None of are sure what the building was for…..one guy thought it was some sort of power station, but I saw a few things there that reminded me of all the furnaces in the Pines.

To get to the building, we had to cross over a bridge in bad, bad shape. Pieces were missing….the wood was really weak….it was great.

And now for the building pics. Since I have no idea what the place was, there’s really nothing to say.



Author: Stu

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Building in South Mountain Reservation

  1. Ive been going to this site and smoking on the platform on the lake since 99. It was an old water pump station for this lake. There are old power wires that cone from the building and srem to go deeper ib the reservation. One thing for sure that building has sone evil energy kind of looks like the sewer vuilding frim steven kings it

  2. Visible from one of the main roads surrounding South Mountain reservation

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