Grassy Sound

Grassy Sound is a virtually unknown town in southern NJ. Just minutes from Wildwood and Cape May, the residents enjoy the summer with no tourists or traffic in their town. How’s that? Besides being somewhat hidden, the town has no roads. A boardwalk connects all the houses (we saw about 8 houses). There’s a small dirt parking lot the Grassy Sounders use which one could easily drive by without noticing. Up at the front of the boardwalk are some carts which the townsfolk use to bring groceries and whatnot to their houses.

A few of the houses looked pretty beat up; I questioned if some of them were still in use. Most of them are summer houses. Each one has a ramp leading up to it from the main boardwalk.

There were a few spots where the boardwalk looked…well…not very safe.

Out of respect for the residents, I won’t be providing directions.

Check out our return visit to Grassy Sound in 2005 here.

Author: Stu