The Sex Plant

Somehow I’ve overlooked this. These pics are over a year old; I just never put them up.

The Sex Plant is an interesting little find just down the road a bit from where the Pioneer Smelting Company was. Not really much to say; it’s a small building that’s been spraypainted to hell. It’s got a large overhang, and the inside rooms have had a good part of the walls broken or completely taken down. Paintballers use it, as they did the Pioneer buildings.
It gets its name from what’s written on the front. The inside is kinda pretty, in that New York alleyway way. But contrary to the name, I wouldn’t want to hump there.

Photos from 5/05

Over 2 years since my last visit there, I brought a group of friends to the Sex Plant and found that it’s in even worse shape. Many of the walls have been knocked down, apparently by a sledgehammer. A trailer with a load of junk was also found abandoned next to the building.

Author: Stu