Pioneer Smelting Company

Visited 2/03
Demolished Winter ’03

The “House”

Kinda boring compared to the other 2 buildings

This is the smallest of the buildings. It had only 2 rooms, and most of the walls had big sections knocked out of them. Nothing much to say about this building…..just the usual graffitti, smashed windows, and knocked-down doors.

The “Hangar”

This was a weird building. Most of it is nothing but a frame; the walls and roof are mostly gone. One end has a flight of stairs going up, but many of the stairs are either broken or completely gone. It was a pain getting up them, but we managed. The little that’s left of the 2nd story’s floor is crumbling and very dangerous to walk on; I almost fell through once.
The floor level had smashed glass all over the place, along with boxes of destroyed computers.

The 2nd floor

Boxes of smashed computers

The Factory

I took this pic from the 2nd floor of the other building

This building was great. It had much more crunched glass than the other one, along with 3 old forklifts. The inside was pretty dark. You can still get up into the tall part shown in the picture.

Just some of the glass All these boxes are full of glass
This is behind the building...some kind of drainage?

Other spots around the factory

Behind the buildings was a small run of railroad. At one point the tracks just……stop.

The water tower is missing the first 10 feet or so of ladder. Rep tried climbing the poles on the side, but to no avail.

Pic of the water tower, taken from the 2nd floor of "the Hangar"

This thing looks like an oven for bodies. Not the first time I saw one of these though.

It says "Body in Here"

Author: Stu