Trolley Valhalla

This was a cool place, but I feel the name is a bit misleading; sure there are trolley cars, but they’re outnumbered by freights, trucks, and buses. According to the story, a trolley museum was in the works but never came to be. So the trolleys have sat there ever since. I’m not sure about this story, since there are more than trolleys back there.

This guards the entrance to “Valhalla”.

Up in the front are the trolleys, along with a car.

The buses and trucks are further back.

Let’s not forget the obligatory toilet pic.

Author: Stu

2 thoughts on “Trolley Valhalla

  1. After many other sites, some of the trolley cars formerly here have been running in Scranton, Pa.
    The trolley on its side originally ran in Kansas City in 1945 or 1947 before coming to Philadelphia in 1955 and later retiring to Tansboro, N.J. in the late 1960s. The upright car 5327 was built for Philadelphia in 1923, retired to Tansboro, N.J. in 1957, moved to Llanarch, Pa. and back to Tansboro in the 1960s. Many of the cars moved to Jobstown in 1972. The bus may be from the Ave. B & East Broadway line in New York City.

  2. The trolley on its side is the 2257, ex-KC 783; the seating and the no standee windows give her away. Sad to see her like that.

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