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Mars Bluff Bomb Crater

Photos from June 2011 Another find due to geocaching.  I wanted to make a day trip out of our visit to South of the Border,… read more Mars Bluff Bomb Crater

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Deer Lake Drive-In

Another pleasant surprise. We were driving on Rt. 61 from Reading on our way to Centralia when Annie noticed the sign for this abandoned drive-in… read more Deer Lake Drive-In

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Norwood – The Kislak Mansion

I’ve received several emails about this house over the past few years.  I’ve been forgetting for quite a while to make note of this here,… read more Norwood – The Kislak Mansion

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Another Bridge to Nowhere

Another bridge oddity, although this one is more unique than the first we found. Located in Mauricetown, this bridge has been turned into somewhat of… read more Another Bridge to Nowhere

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The Freight Station

Why I’ve waited so long to put this one up I don’t know. The Freight Station sits just on the side of Rt. 166, diagonally… read more The Freight Station

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Fireside Village

Along Rt. 30 you can find the Fireside Steakhouse, which is now closed and for sale. Behind the building is an odd little village….almost looked… read more Fireside Village

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Trolley Valhalla

This was a cool place, but I feel the name is a bit misleading; sure there are trolley cars, but they’re outnumbered by freights, trucks,… read more Trolley Valhalla

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Pioneer Smelting Company

Visited 2/03 Demolished Winter ’03 The “House” This is the smallest of the buildings. It had only 2 rooms, and most of the walls had… read more Pioneer Smelting Company