Old House at Eno’s Pond

This can be found along the nature trail at Eno’s Pond County Park in Forked River; we stumbled upon it while geocaching. I did some research on the park and couldn’t find anything to say what this particular building was. The park’s map simply labels it as “House Foundation.”
I did find out at one time a hotel for the rich was nearby, and the pond itself was used to supply the hotel’s ice. That doesn’t really help us with this though, does it?

Nothing too special; just another foundation. But it was a nice surprise.

This was embedded in 2 tree trunks; they’ve grown around whatever it is.

Author: Stu

1 thought on “Old House at Eno’s Pond

  1. I have a condo in Southwinds Mansions.
    My dog and I enjoy walking in the park every day when we are here.
    I am from North Jersey (Wyckoff) and am so impressed with all the beautiful parks in this area.
    The county is doing a great job far superior to North Jersey!
    Thank you!

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