Hollow Field Cemetery – aka “The Pet Cemetery”

This was one of my obsessions. For years I heard about a pet cemetery hidden somewhere in the woods near Bamber Lake. I asked about it many times but nobody knew what I was asking about. I looked for it quite a few times at quite a few different places and always returned disappointed. Well, I finally found it; one of my more obsessive hunts is over.

The cemetery in reality is not a pet cemetery; it interred people during the 1800’s, including people from a nearby community that was known as Ten Mile Hollow. Very little identifies it as a graveyard today though. A large cross made of signposts is at its front. Around its perimeter are posts of where a fence used to be, some of which have wood wired to them. As for the graves themselves, no markers remain….there are several bits of broken markers among the area though. We didn’t see any names on any of the pieces. I found it strange that only the grass inside the posts was more than waist-high.
I don’t really know why this has been rumored to be a pet cemetery. My guess is because of the lack of headstones, or maybe due to its small size. I also heard a few people describe some of the graves being covered with piles of rocks, which may have also led to the idea that it was for pets. But we saw no piles of rocks.
A few foundations are supposed to be in the nearby woods as well, but we didn’t look for them this time. I was happy enough with finding a place that had eluded me for years.

Author: Stu

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  1. My son and two buddies camped out near Bamber Lake,late 60.s or early 70,s. They related a disturbing and curious event. Somtime in the nightthe chattering of monkeys woke them up.I don’t recall how long it lasted but even more disturbing to the boys it stopped as on a signal..
    I thought it a good campfire tale.My son mentioned it a time or two but always said there were more mysteries in the Pine Barrens than people know abput.

  2. I think you’re mistaken. There is a pet cemetery off Dover Rd, I was there maybe 20 yrs ago. It had many markers and was maintained. It’s off one of the trail break roads on the north west side.

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