Knob Prairie Cemetery

We found this completely by chance. I was hunting for a geocache in Enon, Ohio. A bit up the road from it we saw a sign for the cemetery, which was strange, considering we were behind some sort of corporate office buildings. After I found the cache, I decided to find whatever the sign was pointing to. We came across 2 more signs:

Yup. There was a graveyard behind the office buildings. A pretty old and somewhat beat up one at that; reminded me of the Quaker cemetery I found some time ago, due to its condition and also its proximity to a main road – in this case I-70.
Many stones were in pieces, while others lay at the bases of others. It looked like someone had randomly piled stones on top of each other. Someone is caring for the place, since the grass was recently cut. Still, this cemetery is in sad shape.

Author: Stu

3 thoughts on “Knob Prairie Cemetery

  1. Hi Wanderer,

    Is this the actual Enon Cemetery, or is this different? I grew up in Enon, and don’t recall where this is located exactly. I’m currently doing research for a speech I am working on, and this would be very interesting to incorporate into it.

    Thank you for any information you have to offer!


  2. All I know is that it was called Knob Prairie. I’ve only been there once so I don’t know if there are any other cemeteries nearby. This again was in the parking lot of some large office buildings, so it felt out of place.

  3. The cemetery is in worse shape now in November 2020. My husband works in the corporate building right near by. There is a big stone marker with many names on it and obviously more names than headstones remaining. But it remains kept up grass wise.

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