“Hidden” Cemetery in Hickory Run State Park

If my wife hadn’t seen the small American flag sticking up over the top of the hill, I would have had no idea this was hidden up there. Located almost directly across from the park office is this seemingly little known cemetery. Several of the stones are pre-Civil War. I would later find out that some people up here were killed in a bad flood in 1849. Due to excessive logging, there were very few trees left to hold the ground in place. As a result, the ground gave way, the dam broke, and the town was devastated.

Despite looking like the cemetery is or has been maintained, many of the stones are in poor shape. Some are in pieces on the ground, while others have been placed upon the bases of trees. Many are just stumps.

Author: Stu

4 thoughts on ““Hidden” Cemetery in Hickory Run State Park

  1. Last year, my fiance went hiking up there and came across the ruins of the old town that was devastated by that flood in 1849. There are the old stone foundations there and you can see the old dam too, according to him. We were just there today (July 31, 2010) and everything was covered in fern, can’t see anything. We’re going to go back in the fall and check it out, I’m really excited! Anyone else ever been there?

  2. when i was a baby my family and i went camping there and my mom told me that we went to see the old cemetery. I was playing around the graves than i stopped under a tree for a minute or two. than i ran to my dad. my mom asked why i ran over to my dad. i told here that my friend told me to. than the next thing she saw was a big tree branch fall where i was standing before it was big enough to kill me. the friend that saved my life died in the food.

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