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Fort Knox

Fort Knox was constructed beginning in 1844 to help prevent any potential invasions from Britain. This part of Maine was invaded by the British during… read more Fort Knox

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World Traveler Sign

This can be found where Routes 5 & 35 meet in Lynchville. A semi-famous place in the state of Maine, the sign has been appearing… read more World Traveler Sign

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory is quite a popular tourist destination in Vermont. But while most people go there to sample flavors, see ice… read more Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

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Garden of Scripture

Ever want to walk through the Bible? Ever want to walk through the Bible in some guy’s backyard? Now you can! …for real, this place… read more Garden of Scripture

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Tri-States Monument

Although technically in 3 states, I’m gonna file this one under New York for 2 reasons. Nearly half the marker is in NY, so percentage-wise,… read more Tri-States Monument

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High Point

Not really a whole lot to say about this one. This is the highest point in New Jersey, and to celebrate this fact, they built… read more High Point

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Space Farms Zoo & Museum

It’s a zoo! It’s a museum! Lemurs. Bears. Leopards. Kangaroos. Coffins. Indian artifacts. Preserved animal embryos. Old cars. Throw together Popcorn Park Zoo with the… read more Space Farms Zoo & Museum

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Mason-Dixon Line in South Jersey?

This is more of a writeup than an actual place. Mostly because it doesn’t exist. For years I’ve been hearing there are, or at least… read more Mason-Dixon Line in South Jersey?