Garden of Scripture

Ever want to walk through the Bible? Ever want to walk through the Bible in some guy’s backyard? Now you can!
…for real, this place is in someone’s backyard.

There are over 40 large paintings depicting scenes from the Bible. There is a small path winding through this yard that takes you to them all, and then ultimately to a small outdoor church. Here and there are some animal carvings as well.
A small gateway built into the fence greets visitors. The parking lot is tiny; maybe 2 cars can fit in it. This place is pretty well hidden and most locals don’t know it exists.

All in all, an interesting place to visit. It’s not my faith, but I’m still able to appreciate the artwork and the amount of effort put into the entire thing. I’d like to see something like this done for the Greek or even Norse pantheons.

Author: Stu