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Cranberry Bog Pumping Station

This place is right by Martha’s Furnace, so we decided to check both out. We were disappointed by the furnace, but this place made the… read more Cranberry Bog Pumping Station

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Originally visited 4/03 New photos from 5/05 50+ photos….go get a soda or something. Sleepy Hollow is huge. I guess it’d have to be with… read more Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

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Apple Pie Hill

Not a whole lot to say about Apple Pie Hill now; it’s a hill with a fire tower on top of it. It’s one of… read more Apple Pie Hill

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Zabriskie Mansion

I heard about this place quite a few times. After getting directions from a message board, John & I headed up to the Palisades to… read more Zabriskie Mansion

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Route 679 House

I found this place by accident…..sort of. It’s pretty hard not to notice this house on the side of Rt. 679. I was looking for… read more Route 679 House

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Harrisville Ruins

Originally visited 3/03 New photos from 2/05 I’m amazed at how much of Harrisville is left. This particular building is the paper mill, but cellar… read more Harrisville Ruins

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Pioneer Smelting Company

Visited 2/03 Demolished Winter ’03 The “House” This is the smallest of the buildings. It had only 2 rooms, and most of the walls had… read more Pioneer Smelting Company

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Mass Grave for the Unknown

Originally visited 2/03 Updated/Reshot 4/04 “The Unknown From The Sea” I read about this grave on a neat lil’ site I found. It has full… read more Mass Grave for the Unknown