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Zwaanendael Museum

The Zwaanendael is almost your typical local history museum. Almost. Like most other local history museums, there are artifacts, clothes, etc. from the time period… read more Zwaanendael Museum

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Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

Not much to say about this; I just happen to like covered bridges. This one was built in 1880 and can be found in Brown… read more Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

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Tree Stump Cemetery

Not a whole lot to say about this……it’s a tiny, tiny cemetery on a hill. I found it accidentally while looking for Gobbler’s Rock, which… read more Tree Stump Cemetery

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Roadside Stonehenges

Spencer 8/03 Bloomington 4/04 Found this alongside Rt. 46 in Indiana……we were on our way to Nashville when I noticed 3 stone…..things on the side… read more Roadside Stonehenges

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Originally visited 4/03 New photos from 5/05 50+ photos….go get a soda or something. Sleepy Hollow is huge. I guess it’d have to be with… read more Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

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Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

Written 10/02 I haven’t been to Georgia in years; I’d love to get back there and get new pictures from both islands. These really, really… read more Jekyll & St. Simons Islands