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Posted by Stu On December - 27 - 2008

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This southern New Hampshire ghost town was the first European inland settlement in the state. Built around 1737, Monson would not last very long; it died sometime in the 1770’s. Considered one of the most archaelogical significant sites in New England, its ruins have remained for the most part undisturbed for over 200 years.

Monson has the usual ghost town stuff – rock walls, cellar holes, a restored house, etc. However, there is also a sign indicating who each house belonged to, and some house sites even have a short bio on the person who lived there.

Monson was supposed to have been developed in 1998, but luckily local citizens fought to have it preserved.

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Stone Iron Furnace

Posted by Stu On October - 21 - 2005

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We noticed this while visiting The Flume for the 2nd time. These ruins are of a stone iron furnace, the last of its kind in NH according to the sign. The ruins are located across a stream and are on private property. Next to the site is a bridge with an older iron frame surrounding it. Not overly exciting, but I thought the remains of the forge looked pretty cool.

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America’s Stonehenge

Posted by Stu On October - 20 - 2003

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Quick rundown:

In North Salem, NH, is a megalithic structure that has been a subject of controversy for years. Some claim it’s 4000+ years old and like the Stonehenge of England, the rocks line up with certain celestial events. Others claim the site is a fake, or at least not that old.

I wanted to see this place for years ever since it was featured on History’s Mysteries on the History Channel.
Pretty cool, but I do have to say I was a little disappointed for 2 reasons:

1) it was much smaller than I figured
2) not sure how to word this any other way, but because of tourism, the…essence…of the place is gone. There’s a trail you have to follow, parts of the place are chained or roped off, there are signs drilled into the rock everywhere, etc. The signs bothered me more than anything. If the place is indeed 4,000 years old, you don’t go drilling signs in various spots that say what you think they were used for. You don’t see the English drilling signs & junk into their Stonehenge, or fencing off certain parts. Get my point?

On a brighter note, the tour is self-guided.

The entrance. All the lil’ white squares on the rocks are signs.

Inside one of the ‘dwellings’.

Entrance to the ‘Oracle Chamber’ without & with flash.

Inside the Chamber.

The “Sacrificial Table”.

Around the main structure are many rows of rocks, which are said to line up with……I dunno….all that solstice stuff & whatnot.

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The Flume

Posted by Stu On October - 20 - 2003

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Originally visited 10/03
Updated 10/05

The Flume is a gorge in Franconia State Park in New Hampshire. There is nothing strange or bizarre about it, but the scenery is…..I don’t know how to word it. No pictures could do The Flume justice.
I also saw my first covered bridge here.

Pics from 10/05

We went back to the Flume 2 years after our original trip. I forgot how much digital cameras suck in low light situations; I must’ve taken over 50 pictures and ended up deleting over a third of them. I’ve also noticed droplets show up far more often when I’m near waterfalls with a digicam, making many of those photos useless.

There were tons of chipmunks out this visit. This lil’ dude walked right up to me.

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