The Flume

Originally visited 10/03
Updated 10/05

The Flume is a gorge in Franconia State Park in New Hampshire. There is nothing strange or bizarre about it, but the scenery is…..I don’t know how to word it. No pictures could do The Flume justice.
I also saw my first covered bridge here.

Pics from 10/05

We went back to the Flume 2 years after our original trip. I forgot how much digital cameras suck in low light situations; I must’ve taken over 50 pictures and ended up deleting over a third of them. I’ve also noticed droplets show up far more often when I’m near waterfalls with a digicam, making many of those photos useless.

There were tons of chipmunks out this visit. This lil’ dude walked right up to me.

Author: Stu