America’s Stonehenge

Quick rundown:

In North Salem, NH, is a megalithic structure that has been a subject of controversy for years. Some claim it’s 4000+ years old and like the Stonehenge of England, the rocks line up with certain celestial events. Others claim the site is a fake, or at least not that old.

I wanted to see this place for years ever since it was featured on History’s Mysteries on the History Channel.
Pretty cool, but I do have to say I was a little disappointed for 2 reasons:

1) it was much smaller than I figured
2) not sure how to word this any other way, but because of tourism, the…essence…of the place is gone. There’s a trail you have to follow, parts of the place are chained or roped off, there are signs drilled into the rock everywhere, etc. The signs bothered me more than anything. If the place is indeed 4,000 years old, you don’t go drilling signs in various spots that say what you think they were used for. You don’t see the English drilling signs & junk into their Stonehenge, or fencing off certain parts. Get my point?

On a brighter note, the tour is self-guided.

The entrance. All the lil’ white squares on the rocks are signs.

Inside one of the ‘dwellings’.

Entrance to the ‘Oracle Chamber’ without & with flash.

Inside the Chamber.

The “Sacrificial Table”.

Around the main structure are many rows of rocks, which are said to line up with……I dunno….all that solstice stuff & whatnot.

Author: Stu