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Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin is a unique and, sadly, little known point of interest in Philadelphia.  It’s right on the Delaware River; it’s actually next to the… read more Fort Mifflin

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Fort Knox

Fort Knox was constructed beginning in 1844 to help prevent any potential invasions from Britain. This part of Maine was invaded by the British during… read more Fort Knox

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Fort Armistead

This place is trashed. It’s like the state said screw it and gave up maintaining the park. There’s tons of spray paint, the iron gates… read more Fort Armistead

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Sandy Hook 2006

2002 Trip / 2004 Trip Friendly reminder – decent amount of pictures. For you folks with dialup… get broadband already. Seriously. It’s 2006, man. This… read more Sandy Hook 2006

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Fort Mott

Fort Mott was one of 3 forts built along the Delaware after the Civil War. Its construction began in 1872 but stopped in 1876. Only… read more Fort Mott

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Sandy Hook 2004

2002 Trip / 2006 Trip I’m glad I came back here; we found a lot that I missed on the previous trips. First thing we… read more Sandy Hook 2004

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Sandy Hook 2002

2004 Trip / 2006 Trip Sandy Hook is an odd lil’ place. The north end is where the interesting stuff is. The area was used… read more Sandy Hook 2002